PugioLight® G3


PugioLight® G3


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Product Description

The New PugioLight® G3 is our next generation of the PugioLight® II. The PugioLight® G3 has not changed from the classic body design because the design is still the most popular Lightning Less-Lethal Weapons® (LLLW® Strobe) Flashlight we produce. We have upgraded the bulb, improved the switches and now use the latest LED technology in our PugioLight® G3. Today the PugioLight® G3 is our “Classic Model” we kicked the PugioLight® II out of the program in 2012. Many of you out there call us and request the PugioLight® II though.

So we are back with the PugioLight® G3. The PugioLight® G3 contains all the features of the PugioLight® II first generation including the CREE technology strobe mode, an ideal option for self-defense. The PugioLight® G3 has many new features which assist and better support you in self-defense situations. It is designed for urban operations and for situations that anyone can encounter in day to day life. The PugioLight® G3 has a new JC Impact Ring® with 36 Spikes. These spikes are bigger and heavier then the other lights, thus making it more effective for breaching windows/doors or for use in hand-to-hand situations. The bigger spikes transfer the energy of your movements in a more effective manner for greater benefit with minimal effort. The PugioLight® G3 has also our patented LLLW® Strobe, which can always be activated by holding the Tailcap Button, we call it the Panic Button. The grip of the PugioLight® G3 is more dynamic. Customers have asked us to adapt the grip to help keep it from sliding. In high stress situations hands tend to become sweaty causing some to lose control of the device. We have changed the texture of the grip and have increased the size and placement of the tail cap.


  • Material: Precision-machined, Anodized Aircraft Aluminium Construction
  • Size: 132.08mm x 25mm
  • Weight: 125 grams (without batteries) 184 grams (with batteries)
  • Bub: Shock-Isolated
  • Seals: O-ring Seals for Extreme Weather Resistance
  • Modes: 2 (1. Hold = LLLW® Strobe (Panic Button) 2. Push = Constant Light)
  • Illumination: CREE LED Bulb
  • Power Supply: 2 x CR123A 3V Lithium Batteries
  • Operating Range: -40 to +60 C
  • Lumen: 245
  • Color: Black