HardCore Riders Rail®


HardCore Riders Rail®


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Product Description

 A Great new way to use our Tactical Flashlights Mounts for a civilian use… Developed and patented to mount our high quality CenturioLight® to your bike or to be mounted on a offroad roof rack or ATV / quad bike or motorcycle. This is also a great option to use for our CoreT® light systemsThis “Hardcore Riders Rail®” is made by the original standards of the U.S. Military and the Specifications for the M16, A2 (E4) assault rifle and the M4 (E1) tactical carbine  classification in December 1994. The rail is named after the Picatinny Arsenal in New Jersey, USA. The Picatinny Arsenal’s role with the rail was to test/evaluate it and to create a military standard for it. This was Mil-STD-1913, dated February 3, 1995  and was taken over by this specification in the NATO STANAG 2324. If for the Military that standard great then it should also be a very good standard for extreme athletes or sports fans such as Survival / Adventure Expeditions fans and in the off-road motor sports “rally / trophy” with ATV / quad bike, motocross bikes, unimog’s and of course 4 × 4 (SUV) vehicles in these markets at home.

Again, the is a high-end and by far the highest quality product out of the defense sector and now a great use for in the commercial market. Our experience in the law enforcement / security industries opened a option to all fans in the oudoor and our rally / trophy fans etc. a new standard in these markets. Centurio Design® is constantly developing products, and thus connected in several new markets.


  • Material: Precision-machined, Anodized Aircaft Aluminum Construction.
  • Size: will be added shortly
  • Standard: Mil-STD-1913 and NATO STANAG 2324
  • Weight: will be added shortly
  • Color: Black

NOTE: HardCore Riders Rail® is produced in two sizes (diameter) more details on request