Expidi Lantern®

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Expidi Lantern®


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Product Description

Centurio Design® has recently developed for the outdoor and camping / backpacker and survival and 4×4 adventure market the Expidi Lantern®. Used as a safe light in tents, vehicles or under the open sky without having an open fire. This ability is becoming increasingly important for our customers. There are also those who have motivated us to align our product range in the outdoor and sport direction. A product line which has a lot of potential, which we are determined to expand in the coming months. Operating mode: white LED keep high / medium / low / off switch for 3 seconds then shows a red LED light and flash warning. The switch goes from blue, yellow to red showing the battery capacity. Full rubber cover around the lantern.

Manufacturing Details:

  • Material: ABS with rubber coating
  • Size: 87 x 187mm
  • Weight: 390.5 g
  • Bulb: White Lamp 4pcs SMD white LED + red LED
  • Modes: white LED keep high / medium / low / off switch for 3 seconds then shows a red LED light and flash warning
  • The switch from blue, yellow to red to show the battery capacity
  • Full rubber cover around the lantern
  • Full-motion carabiner “180 degree Rotatable hidden hook at the top and bottom to hang the lantern”
  • 360 ° light distribution
  • LED life: 100.000 hours
  • Working time: 6 hours for white, 150 hours for red
  • Color: The Expidi lantern comes in yellow and olive green.
  • Lumens: White: 300 Lumens LED: 10 Lumens
  • Not included 3 x D Batteries