Baffled Advantage Device® (BAD®) Model: Little Giant®

BAD Little Giant
BAD Little Giant Parts

Baffled Advantage Device® (BAD®) Model: Little Giant®


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Product Description

Baffled Advantage Device® (BAD®) Model Little Giant® is specifically designed for the military service and to the police. It is the only Flash Bang (irritation to the body such as the flash grenade only without chance of physical damage) in the world produced without explosive materials. The Baffled Advantage Device® (BAD®) Model Little Giant® is the latest product from Centurio Design®, patented worldwide, especially for security forces and government agencies. Centurio Design®, the world’s leading manufacturer of tactical strobe lights and strobe devices, has used it’s years of experience in the field of  “Strobe” technology and created this revolution in the “Flash Bang-market”. An ever increasing number of applications in military and alternate situations in which irritants to bodies are used particularly in police and security agencies, has led us to seek a less-lethal alternative. One of the highest directives in the world, is the safety and integrity of human life. With use of conventional “flash grenades” or similar devices there is always a relatively high potential for risk to the other person and any bystanders. From a legal standpoint, this may lead to significant problems for the issuing and executive bodies of the respective units, is when a person is injured or killed by the means used.

  • Why so-called “flash bang” are used: The sole purpose of this application is to create confusion and disorientation of criminals or other opponents (military). In this case, a shock is created instantly, which is used to immobilize an opponent. Often found in such situations are bystanders (eg hostages) in the immediate vicinity of the action. The very high number of active shooter engagements in the world convincingly proves this. In a conventional “flash bang” a high risk of injury is created solely by the explosive and the flying jacket part of the shell. Now it has been possible to eliminate this risk of injury and to obtain the benefits of such use of resources.
  • How much training is needed for the BAD® ?: Anyone who has previously worked with grenades or irritation devices will have the necessary training with the BAD® since they are used the same as conventional NFDD’s. If you are not familiar with such use,  you need to contact us in regards to use and safety. In this case, we are pleased to offer a training seminar for our BAD.
  • Important Note: The BAD® is not a toy!. If used incorrectly, or storage of this product may result in damage to the physical health and / or property damage. Use the BAD® always with the necessary care and use instructions. Keep BAD® devices out of reach of children or unauthorized persons. Always store the BAD® in a secure spot which is inaccessible to untrained or unauthorized persons.

The Benfits of the BAD:

  • 100% Non Lethal technology
  • Reusable. Quick turn around time. (batteries may need to be replaced)
  • No dangeroues explosives
  • No dangerous flames
  • Cost-effective
  • Easy to use for any one
  • Lightweight and compact
  • No physical risk to the suspect.


  • Material:Precision machined tube made of aircraft aluminum (6061-T6)
  • Tube diameter: 40mm
  • Length: 110mm Total
  • Weight with batteries: about 470g
  • Weight without batteries: 450g
  • Power supply: 2 x RCR123A Lithium Batteries
  • Bulb: 9 “Cree” LED
  • Worldwide patented LLLW Strobe Technology
  • Waterproof guaranteed up to 1m
  • Shock isolated lamps and body