Baffled Advantage Device® (BAD®), Model: Heavy®

BAD Heavy
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Baffled Advantage Device® (BAD®), Model: Heavy®


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Product Description

The Baffled Advantage Device® (BAD®), Model: Heavy® is the first and only irritation body with light and bang, such as flash grenade in the world without explosive and is a revolution in the world law enforcement market, and a world patented product. Centurio Design®, the world’s leading manufacturer of Electronic Irritation Devices, has spent years in the development and research of the BAD® Series. In the last few years tactical law enforcement units around the world have used greater numbers of flashbangs in different situations, but in most of the world an officer has the order to protect the life of the suspect / criminal, too. One of the highest directives in the world, is the security and integrity of human life. In conventional “flashbangs” or similar is always a relatively high potential risk for the other person and any bystanders. Just in case law may lead to significant problems for the issuing and executive bodies of the respective units, is when a person is injured or killed by the means used.

What is the reason to use a flashbang?

It is only to confuse and to disorient the suspect during a tactical entry and to use the shock-induced moment to capture him and to bring him to justice. Since we have had
sevel gunmen in schools worldwide who shoot, kill and wound many students and teachers. The first law enforcement responder has been Patrol Officers. At last we now have a new tool for them, too, to use! Use of the BAD® will elimnate suspect injuries in tactical situations! Also the BAD® is perfect for missions in industrial areas

The Benfits of the BAD®:

  • 100% Non Lethal technology
  • Use more than one time
  • No dangerous explosives
  • No dangerous flames
  • Cost-effective
  • Easy to use for any one
  • Lightweight and compact
  • No physical risk to the suspect.

Do I need Training with the BAD®?
The BAD® works the same way as a real flashbang so a trained officer who has expirence with such devices will be able to use the BAD® safely and effectively. If you are not a member of a Special Response Team and you have not trained with flashbangs, you need to be instructed in the techniques and safety rules. Feel free to contact Centurio Design® Instructor Development School or an independent authorize factory master instructor and enroll in a Training Course to learn different techniques and ways to use this device. This is suggested for all new users of the BAD®.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The BAD® is not a toy!
The BAD® is to be used only by authorized and trained law enforcement, prison services (corrections), military personnel, or similar operators. Centurio Design® does not make any civilian sales of the BAD® and authorizes sales only to military and law enforcement distributors or dealers. This product may cause serious damage to property or persons. Handle, store, and use this device with extreme care and caution. Use only as instructed. Keep out of the reach of children and unauthorized and untrained personnel.


  • Material: Precision-machined Aircraft Aluminum Construction (6061-T6)
  • Tube diameter: 55mm
  • Length : 120mm
  • Weight: 500g (without batteries)
  • 520g (with batteries)
  •  Power Supply: 2 x RCR123A lithium batteries
  • Illumination: 18 CREE LEDs
  • Centurio Design® patented strobe technology
  • Waterproof to 1 meter guaranteed
  • Shock-isolated bulbs and body
  • Sound: single speaker, dual output levels

The Baffled Advantage Device® (BAD®), Model Heavy  is restricted to law enforcement and military users only. All restricted products are strongly controlled by the German Government. Please contact our military or law enforcement sales departments for sales information or if you dealer/distributor contact our re-seller (national or international dealer/distributor) departments for more information to sell the restricted products.