PRESS RELEASE: Modification of our company name in CenturioDesign


Muenster (Münster) / Germany, November 11, 2014. Because we did a acquisition and discontinuing of operations of our company, the Board has determined to modify the company name. Reasons were for example the sale of service areas of the company, as well as the planned public entry into civilian outdoor / action sports business. Many customers and friends of the company noticed early in July 2014 that we had modified our company logo on our old site and catalogs. The logo shows our so-called “Light Shield” with the word “Centurio” and not the abbreviation “Group”. For many industry experts and customers and friends of the company that decision came as no surprise. The name change also affects our website address which is of course now change gradually in Of course we will address for min under our old existing email. 12 months still be accessible.

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