PRESS RELEASE: Distribution transfer to AKAH – Albrecht Kind GmbH in Germany, Austria and Switzerland


Muenster (Münster) / Germany, Dezember. 17, 2014. Centurio Design, the light system specialist from Muenster (Münster) / Germany focus of outdoor / action sports and law enforcement light. the management of Centurio Design hasakah_black_transparent_kont decided distribution in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, the public procurement procedures of law enforcement agencies in these top named countries exclusive to the company Albrecht Kind GmbH (AKHA) in Gummersbach in Germany transmitted in the field of light and laser systems. The reasons for Centurio Design are the increasing export business in the product areas of law enforcement and defense and the increased push into the civilian markets “Outdoor and motor sports” as the company has the AKHA in the areas listed above, a much stronger market presents. We look forward to working together.

About AKHA – Albrecht Kind GmbH
The company Albrecht Kind GmbH is probably the oldest European wholesale house of the weapons industry. The company was founded on 24.09.1853 by Mr Albrecht Kind in the small village Hunstig, since it has been around for 161 years the company AKAH. Only a few companies can look back on such a long history of the world. This is only possible if one rooted in the family and the region, if you ever observed the development of the market and if you develop evenly and not by leaps and bounds. AKAH started with enthusiasm into the new millennium. In early September 2000, a modern new building for our AKAH-saddlery was inaugurated. At the same time, we have expanded our warehouse space to 750qm. The Europe’s increased demands an even faster delivery than before and a well-stocked central warehouse. In 2009 an additional warehouse was built to meet the increased transport and of come meet and to prepare for the logistical challenges of the future.

Law enforcement shops / security retailers (dealers) and law enforcement request (for calls) please directly under AKHA:

Albrecht Kind GmbH
Attn: Mr. Frank Moehlmann
Hermann-Kind-Str. 18-20
D – 51645 Gummersbach
Tel.: +49 (0)2261 705-133
Fax : +49 (0)2261 73540
Email: frank.moehlmann(at)

Press contact: Centurio Design, Attn .: PR-On Earth, PO Box 1911, D-48007 Muenster / Germany, Fax: +49 (0) 251-396-38743 E-mail: PublicRelations (at)