PRESS RELEASE: Centurio Design is now a sustaining member at the German “Verband Deutscher Büchsenmacher und Waffenfachhändler e.V. “


Muenster (Münster) / Germany, June. 08, 2015. Centurio Design®, the light system specialist from Muenster (Münster) / Germany for military and law enforcement and Outdoor-/ Action sports happy to be a new member at the Association of German gunsmiths and arms dealers as a sustaining member. We will of course we are as a company engage tosupport theren interests and try to bring our jetzizigen but also products with zukünfiten products.
About the Association of German gunsmiths and arms dealer

The Association of German gunsmiths and arms dealers Association (VDB) was founded in 1949 and has approximately 1,100 member companies. The VDB is association (Professional and Trade Association). It sees itself as a Federation of gunsmith and weapons specialist stores. Purpose of the association is to represent the interests of the weapons specialist retailers of all shapes and sizes as well as operating the care and training of its members. The association seeks no economic business operations and practices of the business activities of its members have no control of. The VDB is idealistic and technical co-sponsor of the IWA OutdoorClassics– International Trade Fair for Hunting and Sporting Arms, Outdoor Articles and Accessories, in Nuremberg. He is co-founder and member of the A.E.C.A.C.,, a consortium of European Associations of the weapons specialist retailers, and co-founder of the Forum weapon right (Forums Waffenrecht).

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