PRESS RELEASE: Centurio Design is now a proud sponsor of the German SEAL Association (Kampfschwimmer Association e.V.)



Muenster (Münster) / Germany, 08. October. 2017. Centurio Design®, the light system specialist and special armament products for the military also with it´s brand WarfareFrog® from Muenster (Münster) / Germany designed for military and law enforcement and Outdoor-/ Action sports, is happy to be a new sponsor at the Kampfschwimmer Association. (Combat Frogmans Association) Founded for members of the martime special forces unit of the German Armed Forces Navy. Everyone who knows us „Centurio Design®“ knows, that we have a deep bond with the Navy and marines operators and support various activities and events that are affiliated with military and civilian Maritime Life & Tradition.

Centurio Design® is extremely proud to become the latest sponsor of the Kampfschwimmer Association and it is an honor to us, that our products as well as our company itself, will be closer to these courageus and brave men who risk their lives for our security and freedom on a daily basis. Those who have served our nation and maybe in need of support to help them start their civilian, their second life, we feel that is our company´s mission and obligation to support those men, too. In the past, Centurio Design® has repeatedly supported members of the military and law enforcement community both, in their professional and also private lives, so today we are very pleased to continue this with the newly woven bonds between us and the Kampfschwimmer Association. We are clearly looking forward for the joint, founded on a professional and firm foundation

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