PRESS RELEASE: Centurio Design – Golden Rooster aka FireChick Logo


CenturioDesign_Firechick_WhiteMuenster (Münster) / Germany, March. 14, 2015. Centurio Design, the light system specialist from  Muenster (Münster) / Germany  focus of outdoor / action sports and law enforcement light has decided to honor their founding city of Muenster (Münster). After the X-Light®, which even has his own history and importance to our company, we have decided our founding city of Muenster (Münster) with a fire spitting rooster, which in turn derives from the so-called “Golden Rooster” till this day still is in kept the peace of the town hall in Muenster (Münster) and can be visited . Why this logo? Originally planned for our Proshop / Farm Shop, now as a supplement in our lifestyle line for stickers, T-shirts etc and for our sporting activities as a third brand. The fire from the mouth to once again stand for strength and resistance. The logo which is referred to in Centurio Design® as “FireChick” fits like a glove with our 50th’s Style lettering “Centurio”. The plan is to unite these two logos in the future and use.

Historical background of the Golden Rooster

The even today in the peace of the town hall kept “Golden Rooster” was in 1621 purchased by the city of Muenster (Münster) Council as part of the Council of silver. The almost 42 cm high statuette consists mostly of silver, on which some gilding are attached. The rooster head is removable so that the valve can be used as a drinking cup. Following two hallmark of the tap can the work of the Nuremberg goldsmith Jörg Ruel (1598 – 1625) are attributed. The city of Muenster (Münster) acquired the rooster that was not produced as a commissioned piece, probably on one of the local fairs – therefore an exact date of origin can not be reconstructed. Serves the Cup today as “Will Come Cup” of the city for prominent visitors, so its function in the 17th century is completely undocumented. It is therefore not necessarily be assumed that the Messenger of Peace Congress have drunk in the official framework from the tap – this custom can be proved only from the late 18th century. Rather, the rooster must have been during the peace conference primarily representing object for the self-confidence and prosperity of the Council and the city of Muenster (Münster).

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