PRESS RELEASE: Centurio Design – Exits the Safety Training (Product Training) for Law Enforcement.


Muenster (Münster) / Germany, Dezember. 15, 2014 Centurio Design, the light system specialist from Muenster (Münster) / Germany  focus of manufacturing and distribution of outdoor / action sports and law enforcement  light systems, use the New Year and introduce the end of our fiscal year 2014, as part of the restructuring of the company as well as tackling new markets such as the “Oudoor sports sector” and also the “Motorsport business,” the Board has decided that the law enforcement safety training (Product Training), which were organized on their own to adjust to to share resources in the company. In recent years our Law Enforcement Safety Training (Product Training) has too many resources bound by the in-house Law Enforcement Safety Training (Product Training), also arose in part the impression that the Law Enforcement Safety Training (Product Training) was a major segment of Centurio and not that it is a product-related Law Enforcement Safety Training (Product Training) has acted. We please refer to the industry-leading tactical training company in Germany and Europe, who have taken our training profiles in connection with our products for years and to market these independently. Product training for dealers or technology seminars on our products and event sponsorship are of course not affected.

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