PRESS RELEASE: Centurio Design – Coming Soon: Again risen from the dead… the new SIGNAL MARKER


mollevest1 variousattachMuenster (Münster) / Germany,June. 06, 2015. Centurio Design®, the light system specialist from Muenster (Münster) / Germany presents the Signal Marker was developed after a request of the military for an individual supplementary lighting tool for the unique needs and environments encountered by military personnel and coming again soon on the world market. The first production run was back in 1994, the last one was 2010. Now there risen from the dead again, and coming with a brand new technology, latest LED technology back on the market for outdoor/action sports fans but also for professional market such as the search and rescue units but also at military and law enforcement market. For availability and prices please contact us, the best way is over one of our websites (Europa / World-wide) and/or (North America) and

Design Parameters

  • High Visibility
  • Impact resistance
  • Waterproof/Submersible capability
  • Simple integration with gear/clothing
  • Long run time
  • Prevent inadvertent activation
  • Variety of colors for mission-specific uses


  • Polycarbonate Body – Tough exterior to resist impacts and scrapes – Textured surface to minimize reflections
  • Body shields LED lens allowing maximum light dispersion and visibility while protecting against impacts
  • 2 x O-Ring Seals + sealed activation button – enables waterproof operation to 5-Meter minimum submersion depth
  • Recessed ON/OFF switch – prevents accidental activation – rubber coated for easy locating in dark conditions
  • Bright LEDs for maximum visibility/reliability– 20,000 Millcandela White LED + Visible Red, Blue, Green and 850nm or 930nm Infrared (IR) LEDs – average life span 7,000 hours continuous
  • Corrosion-resistant coated attachments for integrating with gear and clothing
  • User-Replaceable, commonly available CR-2016 and CR-2032 Lithium batteries for run times in excess of 40 hours continuous and 10-year shelf life

Press contact: Centurio Design®, Attn .: PR-On Earth, PO Box 1911, D-48007 Muenster / Germany, Fax: +49 (0) 251-396-38743, E-mail: PublicRelations (at)