PRESS RELEASE: BAD Little Giant now available for the civilian market


Muenster (Münster) / Germany, Dezember. 6, 2014. CenturioDesign, the light system specialist from Muenster (Münster) / Germany  focus of manufacturing and distribution of outdoor / action sports and law enforcement Now_Available_For_The_Civilian_Market
light systems, have decided to make the BAD Little Giant now available on the civilian market. This decision was made by the restructuring and realignment of the company. The BAD Little Giant can now be used by security education and tactical training companies and at action sports. The price is still very daunting at first but our increasing the production rate for the BAD Little Giant coming January 2015 lowered. Sales take exception rather than specifically authorized dealers or directly from us. Dealer inquiries are welcome. The BAD Little Giant will be available in January 2015, n. We expressly point out that pre-orders, due to the large global interest just have to be made from Japan and Canada and from the United States.

What is the BAD? The first and only Flashbang (irritation device) of the world without explosive means!. CenturioDesign, the world’s leading manufacturer of tactical strobe lights and strobe devices we named than Lightningg Less-Lethal Weapons (LLLW), has used its years of experience in the field “Strobe” and created this revolution in the “Flash Bang-market”. One of the highest directives in the world, is the security and integrity of human life. In conventional “flash grenades” or similar is always a relatively high potential risk for the other person and any bystanders.

Press contact: CenturioDesign, Attn .: PR-On Earth, PO Box 1911, D-48007 Muenster / Germany, Fax: +49 (0) 251-396-38743, E-mail: PublicRelations (at)