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How I can use a Centurio Design® LLLW® strobe handheld flashlights?

It is recommended you participate in a course by a Centurio Design® Authorized Instructor or Training Company with Safety Training such as our “Fight with Light®” or “LowLight Home-Defense®” course for responsible citizen. More information can be found online at “Safety and Product Training”. For our military and law enforcement customers we offer different courses such as our  “LowLight Tactics®” or “Fight with Light®-CQB” courses.  All techniques who we train in our courses are only effective if you learn than from professional instructors who train and spend time on that training concepts and techniques. Also the right choice of the flashlight is important and you need to think about it. The main question is you like to use the flashlight only for self-defense / tactical tool or you like to use than also as a search light or to use than in connection for example with firearms, or at a bike or vehicles, etc.


Benefit & Safety use of Centurio Design® LLLW® strobe Weaponlights

All Centurio Design® Weapon lights are made to be used only by responsible citizens and of course only if the respective country laws allow this and by authorized and trained law enforcement, prison services, military personnel, or similar operators. A weaponlight is helpful in many situations and must be used with extreme care and caution in when situations arise where you may use the weaponlight on your handgun or rifle. Here are just a few examples,

  1. Centurio Design® Pistol Light or CoreT® by using the LLLW® strobe mode on the aggressor. They will not be able to see you behind the strobe, but you can see them by aiming the lightbeam or the LLLW® strobe mode directly at your target and use the light beam as a targeted assistance.
  2. If you mount as for example the Centurio Design® Pistol Light or CoreT® below the barrel on the frame by using of a rail system of a handgun, and you are in the search mode, and have the light on constant or in LLLW® strobe mode, you can make a direct line of sight to yourself. If the aggressor starts firing in your direction and you do not have the proper training you may allow them to fire upon you.


Benefit use of Centurio Design® LLLW® strobe Electronic Irritation Devices

All Centurio Design® LLLW® strobe Electronic Irritation Devices such as the Baffled Advantage Device® Series (BAD® Series) series are not toys, and not a replacement for flashbang’s that use explosives. All BAD® Electronic Irritation Devices use the LLLW® strobe technology. The BAD® Series is an option to the real flashbangs for example in locations such as  Public Transportation, Nuclear Plants, Oil Rigs,  Chemical Labs,  Petrol Stations. Hostages Situations, Prisons, Active Shooter, Cruise Ship, Patrol Officer, Kindergarten, Schools / University etc. or tactical training or security exercises. The BAD® series is a cost alternative  to conventional flashbangs. The Benefits of the BAD® Series: 100% Non Lethal technology, Use more than one time, No dangerous explosives, No dangerous flames, Cost-effective, Easy to use for any one, Lightweight and compact, No physical risk to the suspect. It can also be thrown through window panes by the massive design of BAD from Precision-machined Aircraft Aluminum Construction (6061-T6) is that one of the easy jobs for the BAD® Series.

Do I need Training with the BAD® Series? The BAD® Series works the same way as a real flashbang so a trained officer who has expirence with such devices will be able to use the BAD® safely and effectively. If you are not a member of a Special Response Team and you have not trained with flashbangs, you need to be instructed in the techniques and safety rules. Feel free to contact Centurio Design® to get the contact information of an authorize independent factory instructor and to enroll in a Training Course to learn different techniques and ways to use this device. This is suggested for all new users of the BAD® Series.