FAQ – Sales & Co, Technical Support, Training Questions


Do I have to sign up to buy something?

Yes, to buy something from, you need to create an account with us.

Can I buy online? can I pay in U.S. Dollars too?

Visit our website such as choose the language (English or Germany), and the currency in which you want to pay (chosse between EURO’S or U.S. DOLLAR’S).

What type of Credit Cards do you accept?

We accepts all major credit cards, including Visa, Master Card and American Express.

How can I order Centurio Design® Products if I don't have a credit card?

You can order our products through Pay pal or wire transfer.

  • For Pay pal payment, please send your email notification to us after you payment is sent to our Pay pal ID, which is
  • For wire transfer, please write to for our bank account information.
  • We cannot accept cheques.

How soon will I get the formal invoice for my order by mail?

Usually we will deliver electronic invoices by email to customers shortly. If a paper copy is needed, we will mail it out within three working days.

Special Pricing Inquiries for Organization

1. Where can I get the price details for Centurio products?
Please visit the webpage (

2. Can I get an discount if I don’t own a bussniss for Centurio products

You’re entitled to a 15% discount for Centurio products based on the retail price list online if you meet the following requirements.

  • Non-profit Organization Members: Currently members from non-profit organizations are eligible.
  • You are Active Law Enforcement Officer: Are you serve for a police, prison or jail, customs, federal agent, etc you can request the discount too.
  • Your are service in the military (incl. active reservists): Are you serve in the military or at NATO, UN etc. you can request the discount too.

Please email us from your work email account for detail information and what paperwork we need from you.

When am I charged for my purchases?

Your card is charged as soon as you place an order.

Like to become a “Centurio® Authorize Dealer”?

Please completing the application form at our website at “DEALER” and your application will initially be reviewed by a sales manager. Once you have been approved and setup as a “Centurio® Authorize Dealer”, we will send you a temporary user name and password to our website. Here you will be able to view pricing, promotions, new products, training and all of the other things about Centurio® Flashlights and Tactical Equipment has to offer. Please note that all information requests must be typed directly into the forms prior to printing. Handwritten, fax it, or email applications will not be accepted. We do require all points on the completed forms.

Do you have a Dealer program and a Starter Kit?

Absolutely! when you sign up with the Stocking Dealer Program you will received a offer from us, we have a few different sizes of our starter kit and also few different support programs.

Do you have sales offices or/and distributors worldwide?

Currently we have sales offices established in Germany and Canada and have dealers and distributors worldwide. You can choose to buy our products from your dealer or distributor or order them directly from our web store. We support and like if your support and use your local dealer or distributor.

How do I send products to Centurio Design® for repairs?

First of all please contact the closes Centurio Office “Centurio Design in Germany is your world-wide contact. Centurio Design Canada is your contact for Canada and the United Sates also for Military Units outside of Canada and the United States. Complete an RMA (Return Materials Authorization). Please contact us via email only and we will email you a RMA form, after we will email you a confirmation with your RMA number. This is your reference number for your products. You may return an unlimited number of products with this one reference number. PLEASE BE EXTREMELY CAUTION COMPLETE THE RMA ACCURATELY AND COMPLETELY, including contact person, mailing address and best phone number to contact you. If information is left out, there could be a delay in returning/replacing the product.

Can I get the high resolution Centurio Design® logo from you and put it on my website?

Yes, you’re welcome to get the high resolution Centurio Design logo but also product images and artworks. Just visit “RESOURCES” and under “DOWNLOAD”. If you have trouble by the downsload or you don’t find it what you search for email us at

Can I doing Auctions with Centurio Design® Products?

No, with you sign up and become your Centurio® Authorize Dealer you agreed that You will not engage in any auction of any Centurio Design® and Centurio Design Canada® product, including live or internet auction, or sale of any Centurio Design® and Centurio Design Canada® product on E-Bay®, GunBroker®, E-Gun® or other internet auction site, and will not knowingly sell any Centurio Design® and Centurio Design Canada® product to any individual intending to sell any Centurio Design® and Centurio Design Canada®  product at an  auction.

Centurio Design® and Centurio Design Canada® support independent locally-owned and operated businesses, we think that YOU CAN have a dramatic effect on your local economy when you take OUR GREAT ADVANCED ILLUMINATION DEVICES to your local shop and doing local the best customer service for our fans who likes the brand CENTURIO®.


My flashlight does not turn on — what can be wrong?

  • First install fresh batteries, positive-end forward. 95% of non-working Centurio Design flashlights are due to dead or reversed batteries.
  • If the flashlight does not turn on using the paper clip test with fresh batteries installed, the problem may be dirty or greasy tailcap threads.
  • If the light does not turn on after cleaning the threads, it may be the tailcap switch, although failures of our simple “tactical” switches are extremely rare. At this point, please contact Centurio Design Customer Service via email.

How can I maintain my flashlight?

  • Clean threads of tailcap and head using cloth, paper towel, or similar absorbent material.
  • Clean flat surface at end of threaded section and corresponding area inside the tailcap to ensure positive electrical contact between tailcap, head, and body.
  • Remove dirt or debris from O-rings and use a cotton swab or similar to lightly coat them with silicone grease, such as Nyogel or SCUBA equipment grease.

If you have any more questions or if you can suggest a better cleaning method, please contact Centurio Design Customer Service via email.

My flashlight has no pocket clip, can I buy one and install it?

  • No. Pocket clips will only fit flashlight models that originally come with them since they require a special slot for attachment.

How do I remove muzzle gas deposits on my flashlight lens?

  • Remove the deposits using a clean, dry pencil eraser, rubbing in a circular motion. If that lens are still not clear, contact a dealer and you need to buy a new lens or contact Centurio Design Customer services.

My flashlight blink or runs only in the low-output mode — what's wrong?

  • When the batteries are nearly empty the flashlight will blink or flicker and the flashlight will only run at the low-output level. Please just replace the batteries.

My flashlight is water proof?

  • No, we say water resistant. Only if you see a note on the flashlight about water proof.

Are disposable 123A batteries rechargeable?

No! Do not try to recharge them, as this can be dangerous.

Are all disposable 123A batteries the same?

NO! Many lithium batteries don’t have the power output as high quality batteries. Important Note; stay away from low budget batteries and don’t mix than up.

How do I dispose of used batteries?

The Centurio Design sold with different articles in the delivery contained batteries or batteries individually, we offer for sale. Due to the battery regulation we are obligated as dealers our clients on the following facts to note: Dispose of used batteries, please, as prescribed by law, to an appropriate collection point or give you charge the battery to your local shop from. The disposal in the household garbage is expressly prohibited in the Battery Directive.

Also you can send us your used batteries at the address listed below or return postage to send to us by post:

Centurio Design
Attn.: Dispose of used batteries
P.O. Box 1911
48007 Muenster (Germany)

We dispose of these batteries then expertly.

Disposal of Old Equipment

In addition to batteries also should not be disposed of with household waste old electrical appliances. This law applies to all electrical and electronic devices. For example, flashlights or GPS navigation devices, watches with built-in microchips, etc. Also easy average count among them. These devices are free to be withdrawn from city and community. Also, a special electric garbage can is set up in more and more households, which serves the disposal of electrical waste. Some municipalities are also offering a pick up. Find out the best of your local recycling or bulky waste pickup.


What is the Centurio Design® Instructor Development School?

Centurio Design® Instructor Development School, commitment to the responsible citizens, military and law enforcement community is to provide the highest quality, most up-to-date, cost effective, and comprehensive instructor training available. Our programs expose every student to a broad base of techniques, tactics, teaching methodologies, and technical knowledge in order to develop the skills required to effectively perform his or her role as a Centurio Design® instructor at the academy/school  and/or agency/unit level. Centurio Design® is proud to offer to qualified instructors the “Fight with Light®” and “Low-Light Tactics®” Scenario Safety Course. This course will certify instructors who wish to train responsible citizens, military and law enforcement, security professionals etc with the Centurio Design® defensive and tactics flashlights / weapon lights and LLLW® devices product line. Committed to the safety of students using their products and system. The “Centurio Design® Instructor Development School” will provide in-depth, hands-on instruction in scenario-based training program development and training methodology, and will give critical practical experience to students on the best use of Centurio Design® products in a highly effective, realistic, extremely safe training program. Instructors attending our schools should have their agency’s authorized factory-trained conduct a technical inspection of the Centurio Design® products being brought to the school to ensure they are safe, functioning reliably.

How Become a Master Instructor? what is the Qualification?

One thing first, we have two different Master Instructor Programs

  1. Master Instructor – MILPOL: Open only to all military (incl. active reservists) and law enforcement officers.
  2. Master Instructor – EDC: Open only professional security personnel and freelancer firearms and self-defense (martial arts) instructors,

Please contact us to order more infromations only by email

NOTE:  Our Master Instructor – MILPOL classes are currently restricted to military and law enforcement personnel. Any other authorizations, such as government security enforcement unit / department who can provide an authorization letter, must attach a scanned authorization letter to the enrollment application for approval to get more information from us about the course.

This letter should be submitted on letterhead stationery, dated and signed by the applicant’s supervisor and should state that the applicant needs to attend the Master Instructor – MILPOL course due to contractual obligations to the applicable government agency.

My agency does not have Centurio Design® devices yet. Can I attend a course if my agency has not purchased any LLLW devices?

Absolutely! We do not require that your agency already have them before the Master Instructor Course is attended. It is a great idea to have someone already certified so that when your agency does purchase them, you have an instructor ready to train the officers at your agency. Please contact us via email for more detail information’s.

How long are Master Instructor, Instructor, and User certifications good for?

Authorize Centurio Master Instructor certification is valid for 2 years, after you have complet the course you alowed to train customers and get support by Centurio Design and Centurio Design Canada. To re-certify, you must attend the Master Instructor Course in its entirety. The Master Instructor Course is usually offered twice a year, one in Europa and one in north america. For more detail information contact us via email only.

Where can I locate updated Training Bulletins, notifications and other materials?

The current version and all training bulletins will be listed under the “” section of the page. You may also contact with any questions.