Dispose of used Batteries

DisposalBatteryHow do I dispose of used batteries?
The Centurio Design sells products and delivers batteries or sellsbatteries individually. Due to the battery regulation we are obligated as dealers to tell our customers the following facts: Dispose of used batteries, please, as prescribed by law, to an appropriate collection point. The disposal in the household garbage is expressly prohibited in the Battery Directive.

Also you can send us your used batteries at the address listed below or return postage to send to us by post:


We dispose of these batteries as directed by the governing body.

Disposal of Old Equipment

Batteries should also not be disposed of with household waste or old electrical appliances. This law applies to all electrical and electronic devices. For example, flashlights or GPS navigation devices, watches with built-in microchips, etc. These devices are free to be withdrawn from city and community. Also, a special electric garbage can is set up in more and more households, which serves the disposal of electrical waste. Some municipalities are also offering a pick up. Find out the best of your local recycling or bulky waste pickup.