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Centurio Design® is currently looking for businesses with a retail storefront, in a commercial area, drawing consumer traffic or for professional catalog companies. Our dealer program is a very friendly, no pressure program in which we are able to provide a great product selection to dealers both large and small. To receive additional information and to become a authorized dealer, the first step is to tell us about yourself and your company by completing and submitting the form below. Also please just fax/email us a copy of your business license and your company VAT and commercial register number. We will consider all information and we will make our final decision about you future with us and a Centurio Design® and a representative will contact you shortly. Please send any questions or send us your application. You may also email our main help desk and we will make sure that the right customer service representative will contact you:

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Please read the following information carefully and categories. We invariably only allow dealers to fit purely into one or more of these information and categories

If you send us an email to become an authorize dealer, we need the following information from you and please use and send back the application too below:

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